Saturday, 15 February 2014

Sesame And Jaggery Bars/Til Chikki Recipe

Sesame And Jaggery Bars/Til Chikki 


Only 3 ingredients are required to make this crunchy nutty flavored and delicious bars. Chikki is prepared during uttrayan in Gujarat and during lohri in Punjab. Chikki can be prepared in varieties like mamra(puffed rice) chikki, kaju chikki, dry fruits chikki, flax seeds(alsi) chikki, peanut chikki, etc. 

Til chikkis are consumed especially in winters, they help in keeping the body warm. Til and Jaggery both are beneficial for health, til is a rich source of fiber, calcium and various minerals and jaggery is good for health since it contains iron, helps in digestion,purifies blood which in turn brings glow to your skin. 

So keep these bars ready during winters and enjoy them not just for their amazing flavor but also for the great health benefits they render.

sesame jaggery chikki


Sesame seeds(Til)- 1 cup
Jaggery- 3/4 cup
Ghee(clarified butter)- 2tsp
Ghee/oil for greasing

sesame jaggery sweet


1. Roast the Til in a wok (without any oil) until the til becomes golden. Keep the til aside.

2. Grease rolling pin as well as back of a flat plate or kitchen top or baking
tray with a little ghee/oil and keep it aside.

3. Break jaggery into small pieces or grate it.

4. Heat ghee in a pan and add jaggery pieces into it. Even after jaggery pieces melt down completely, keep stirring it on low flame for another 2 minute or
 till when the syrup starts bubbling. (Do not heat jaggery for a long time otherwise bars will turn hard.) 

5. Then put sesame seeds into it, mix it well and put the flame off.

6. Immediately spread the entire mixture over the greased surface (Caution:If it cools down, it will be difficult to roll it out) and roll it into thin layer using the greased rolling pin.

7. Cut it down into pieces as desired when it is slightly/moderately hot. Let it cool completely. It could be stored for a week in an air tight container.


You can also make laddoo with this mixture. For laddoo, just grease the palms with some ghee and take a little mixture and form small balls with hands.



- In place of til, you may also use 1 cup of roasted and coarsely powdered peanuts.
- Til and peanuts in half the quantity as mentioned can also be used.
- Similarly, sugar/brown sugar can also be an alternative to jaggery.


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  3. You have told us that Til are Sesame seeds....Please....I am still not sure...what is Jaggery???

    1. It's basically a block of unrefined sugar, usually jaggery is made up of sugarcane... jaggery is also called gur !! Sugar can be a substitute to Jaggrey.

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